Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smart Lipo – Smarter for Stubborn Fatty Areas Than Liposuction

Fat. It’s part of the human condition. It accumulates under our skin, especially as we get older, right where we don’t want it. Diet and exercise can really help, and they’re good for our general health, too, so they’re the first line of attack against overweight. But sometimes even the high-power gym types, the folks who work out all the time, simply can’t get rid of those lumpy, fatty areas. That’s why a lot of people are interested in a new treatment they’re hearing about called “Smart Lipo.”

What is Smart Lipo? It’s laser liposuction, and it’s a radical advance in “body sculpting” for fatty areas.

I had a client call me the other day about this new treatment – “Is it right for me?” she asked. She is a very fit, active middle-aged mother of three children in college and beyond. “It’s driving me crazy,” she said – “my weenie roll.” What? Saddlebags, love handles, OK, but – what was this?

Turns out that’s what she calls a roll of fat across her lower abdomen, about the size and shape of a ballpark frankfurter. You see, though that part of her is in very good tone, she has a C-section scar like a smile right there, and her pregnancies have loosened her skin just enough that fat accumulates above the scar. She hates the way it makes the front of her pants, not to mention her swimsuit, bulge out.

She doesn’t want a tummy tuck. That would really be overkill, and who wants general anesthesia if you don’t need it? Liposuction… I don’t know if you’ve seen this procedure on TV, but again, there’s general anesthesia, and then all that shoving of the suction equipment – it can even be dangerous in the wrong hands! And it leaves the surface of the loosened skin with grooves and ripples – far from smooth.

So she came in for an exam and consultation, and I explained Smart Lipo to her. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, done in the office under local anesthesia. Here’s the great advance: it uses laser energy that targets the fat cells – and literally melts them away! They are then withdrawn with super-fine tubes. The laser energy also seals off fine blood vessels, drastically reducing blood leakage and bruising in the tissues – and there’s no stitches or scarring. This procedure also stimulates collagen production and causes a tightening of the skin over the area, another benefit over regular liposuction. After the procedure, you wear a compression garment for a week or two. And that’s it!

Smart Lipo is a very gentle, comfortable, low-pain procedure, highly efficient, without all the bulky tubes and vacuum apparatus of the older liposuction procedure. The treatment itself is brief, and down time is also much less, usually a day or two as opposed to a week. Many patients see the results they want after a single treatment.

“Is it safe?” my client wanted to know. Very safe. Smart Lipo has been in widespread use for several years in Europe and South America, and the FDA approved it here in the US over a year ago.

That’s what I told my client about Smart Lipo, and here’s what I want everyone else to know: It is the answer for so many of the fat problems that drive us crazy: besides love handles and saddlebags, the tummy fat, arms and thigh fat, jowls and neck and under the chin fat, back fat, and male chest fat (yes, I am talking about man boobs). So this is a perfect treatment for my client and her abdominal fat, and for anyone looking to remove limited amounts of fat in targeted areas, up to about eight pounds. Anyone desiring to remove more fat than this will want to discuss one of the other procedures with a cosmetic dermatologist or other professional specialist.

But aren’t we lucky to live at a time when technology is giving us such a great, individualized, smart alternative for getting rid of pesky fat?

Author: James Fairfield

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Five Tips for Cellulite Therapy

Today, people don't have to live with cellulites anymore. Science and modern medicine have already come up with some of the best cellulite therapy options. Here are some great tips you should keep in mind while on therapy treatment for cellulite.

1. Look for an Expert

If you have the time and money, you can opt for cellulite procedures. Some procedures used as solutions to cellulite include liposuction, massage and mesotherapy. It is important to look for a certified expert should you choose any of these procedures.

The least possible side effect is an ineffective therapy. In severe cases though you could suffer from a life-threatening injury in the hands of inexperienced practitioners. Ask credentials from cellulite therapists. You should also ask what you should specifically expect during and after the therapy session.

2. Natural is an Option

One of the best cellulite therapies is to go for an all-natural treatment. Natural treatments include a healthy diet, regular exercise and homemade anti cellulite remedies. Other than these, it would also help if you took some nutritional supplement and topical cream solutions. Choosing natural over synthetic products is a better option because you also limit your risks of suffering from ingredient induced side effects. Natural ingredients are highly safe and rarely cause unfavorable reactions in the body.

3. Give it Time to Work

It doesn't happen overnight. Give your cellulite solution time to work. This holds true whether you are using an anti cellulite product or a homemade cellulite therapy solution. Some consumers probably expect to see immediate miracles. When they don't see instant results, they may switch right away to another product. Even with the best product, it will take time for cellulite to go away. Switching will probably just ensure that you won't find a solution to your condition. Be patient.

4. Be on the Look Out

Although the use of many good natural products do not result in side effects, you should still be mindful of small changes in your body. No matter how seemingly effective your chosen cellulite therapy is, you should abandon it immediately if you notice any unexpected reactions. Even with the most natural and safest product, some people with sensitive systems and skins may still get rashes or some other allergic reaction.

The same can be said for therapies conducted in spas and clinics. If you feel that a certain cellulite therapy technique isn't doing any good or is causing you injury, you should immediately cancel succeeding sessions and consult a doctor. In badly done liposuction work, you may have to live with a major side effect for a long time even if you discontinue future sessions.

5. Be Ready to Invest

Procedures like liposuction are expensive. Even cheaper alternatives however may come at a price because you have to maintain them for a period of time. You should therefore clearly understand and accept that you would have to spend some amount to effectively get rid of cellulite. Aside from monetary considerations, cellulite treatment will also take time and effort.

Author: Mandy Adamsen

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Stretch Marks - What you Need to Know!

Most commonly stretch marks are associated with pregnant women. For many, it is a major concern as pregnancy progresses. Often overlooked are those incurred due to growth or major weight gain. These marks can come as a major shock, often causing significant insecurities among teens and singles. I’m surprised to learn how little some really know about stretch marks, how they occur, and what can be done to prevent or diminish them. I get really upset by those fooled into thinking miracle potions or in some cases plastic surgery can get rid of them. So lets clear this up right now!

Stress marks are caused by any type of rapid weight gain. Pregnancy of course is one of the most common occurrences of such weight gain. However most don’t know they are a natural part of puberty for most girls and guys. As is usually the case there are many different theories as to what causes stretch marks. Some assert that stress marks can occur w/o out any weight gain whatsoever. Usually pointing to hormones, genetics, diet, and other things I wouldn’t bother justify by listing here. I would certainly agree some of these elements do play a part. Hormonal differences are present during pregnancy and adolescence. Steroids can cause rapid increases in muscle mass. Family history or genetics is certainly a large factor in increasing your probability of being prone to this condition. So what exactly is a stretch mark?

Simply put, a stretch mark is a scar. Caused by the overstretching or tearing of the skin. They can vary in color from light pink, to dark purple. Over a long period of time, the marks will often fade to a faint pale or silvery white. However the scars remain. Stretch marks can occur anywhere on the body, but will most commonly occur in the breasts, thighs, hips or butt.

Just how in the hell do you get rid of stretch marks? Well the only simple answer is you can’t. Most stretch marks will diminish over time. There are a variety of treatments you can try to help this process along. Lotions and creams can be used to tighten and firm the skin. This may lessen the appearance of stretch marks’ discoloration and depth. Often times this is a temporary solution that subsides as you stop using the product. If a company claims their product can ELIMINATE stretch marks, RUN. There is one thing I can not emphasize enough: DO NOT BREAK THE BANK ON ANY STRETCH MARK DIMINISHING PRODUCT OR TREATMENT IN AN IMMEDIATE GUT REACTION! Give your body time and see how much they fade naturally before spending more than 20 bucks. This is especially true if you are a teenager. Wait until your body is done growing!

Okay so it’s been two years, the stretch marks are still very much there, what about plastic surgery? There are numerous options available that are successful for many people. But results will vary so don’t just expect to look 17 again. Ask for recommendations from your dermatologist or family doctor. Review the doctor’s credentials carefully. How many treatments have they performed? Get “before and after” pictures of previous patients. Price will usually be a factor but treatments such as chemical peels are a lower cost option. Most common stretch mark reduction procedures performed are Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Laser Scar Reduction, and in certain cases Abdominoplasty. Unfortunately your insurance company will not cover any costs, considering treatments a “cosmetic issue”. If you can find one that will, email me, I wanna sign up!

If you’re hitting the beach this weekend or have an upcoming pool party don’t freak out just yet. You can easily make stretch marks less noticeable. Spray on and lotion sunless tanners can help a lot. Note: I am not recommending a “real” tan. Tanning beds and sun will do little as the stretch marks themselves are less likely to tan. You can also conceal stretch marks with body makeup to match your skin tone. This is the most effective in making stretch marks completely disappear. If you’re just laying out or enjoying a few of my favorite Mojito’s with the girls body makeup is the solution. However if your spending much time in the water you may run in to problems, even if you are using waterproof cosmetics. Don’t forget a little creativity in style can go a long way. The new style “boy shorts” will cover upper thighs and buttocks. How about a sassy sarong or jazzy cover-up?

There is nothing you can do to “prevent” stretch marks. However you can reduce the chances of getting them. Proper diet and nutrition is absolutely the single most important thing that is actually in your control. Keeping weight gain at a moderate and healthy rate is important. And not just for that slim figure!

Author: Carol Clifton

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Mesotherapy Treatment for Cellulite

Cellulite is very troublesome condition for anyone who gets affected by it. Especially for woman, it is very demoralizing and because of such unwanted ugly appearance, it becomes difficult for them to come publicly. It is indeed a frustration that we are now capable of sending astronauts into the space for months and the permanent cure for some diseases are still illusive. For cellulite, endermologie is effective but expensive then what should we think about?

Give mesotherapy a shot for cellulite. It is the painless injections of vitamins, medications, minerals and certain amino acids that are just placed beneath the surface of the skin. It is therefore, mesotherapy can also be used for reducing weight, face and neck rejuvenation and hair re-growth apart from reducing and/or treating cellulite.

The injections used for this are prepared individual depending upon its purpose and unlike other medical treatments; mesotherapy is performed directly onto the affected areas of the body and because of this, there are very limited side effects and such injections also reduce the possibilities of drug interactions and allow substantial reduction in the number or amount of medications utilized for every procedure.

Mesotherapy will melt the fats that are present underneath the skin by painless injections and will break up the network of connective tissue fibers that form the cells that trap the fats and result in cellulite. The mesotherapy will break the bands of the connective tissues by injecting small amounts of special medicines in mesoderm (skin layer) to break down the cellulite by improving blood circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage so that the toxins are removed and body gets rejuvenated.

The therapy takes about 10 minutes and is not painful at all since the injections are not given deep into the muscles. Once those injections are given, one can return to her or his normal work. The patients are informed that how many 'sittings' or treatments will be required for the maximum benefits in their initial consultation. However, the treatment is only decided after thoroughly examination of the local area and the degree of cellulite the patient has.

Mesotherapy is very effective and hence, is accepted worldwide. The treatment generally lasts long and the results can be measurable until the patient does not gain more than about 15lbs. The mesotherapy has favorable results for the cellulite that are present on larger areas of the body such as legs, buttocks, hips etc. It is comparatively cheaper as compared to those expensive ultra modern techniques. The therapy does not carry any risk as compared to other radioactive techniques or surgeries.

However, cellulite is the condition that requires sincere attention and hence, along with mesotherapy; certain medications can also be given for better results. Proper diet, change in a lifestyle, hot-packs and physical workout in gym will be very beneficial in treating/reducing the cellulite. One should be careful about the dietary intake and should prevent all those factors that are triggers for developing cellulite.

Author: Raj Kumar

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Homemade Nourishing Creams

A rich nourishing and emollient night cream on the face, arms and other vulnerable parts of the body will help to prevent and heal dry skin in winter. Nourishing preparations include all the skin foods whether they are oil-based or of the moisturizing type, whether they are light and immediately absorbed or heavy and sticky, needing to be massaged into the skin. To make a homemade Glycerine nourishing cream first take two tablespoons of glycerine and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Then mix both the ingredients and use it like a cold cream for skin nourishment before going to bed. It is a good Nourishing Creams.

To make a Marigold nourishing cream firstly take five hundred grams of vegetable lard, one teaspoon of tincture of benzoin, five hundred grams of marigold flower, five hundred ml of spirit of wine. After that place marigold flowers in a big glass jar and wrap them with feeling of wine. Keep it in the sunlight for atleast a week. Shake the jar mundane. Heat veggie lard and when it melts arouse in gist. Add tincture of benzoin to maintain it. As it starts cooling stream into a jar slowly and blend exhaustively. It is better for oily skin. Honey is really helpful for an arid, crude and susceptible rind. To have a wholesome honey ointment for sallow rind, mixture 3 tablespoons lanolin, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tea­spoon lecithin in a bowl and dissolve over a water tub. Slowly make 4 tablespoons hot water to it, beating ceaselessly until it cools.

To make a Cucumber nourishing cream, take four teaspoons of cucumber juice, twenty five ml of distilled water and one teaspoon of tincture of benzoin. Then mix all these ingredients easily. Place the mix in the refrigerator for five to six hours before applying on the cheek and neck. Keep if for twenty minutes and so rinse it away. This is better for all types of rind. To makw an Elder flower cream, mix together 3 tablespoons almond oil, 4 tablespoons elder flower blossoms and 1 tablespoon lanolin in a bowl over a water bath. Let it simmer together for an hour, strain, and then add warm water slowly.

Author: Juliet Cohen

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