Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Natural And Medical Treatment Of Acne - Revealed

Acne is a skin disorder that affects mostly teen-agers and adolescents, although adults can experience breakouts of acne as well. Many attribute acne to the raging hormones in a teen's body, but acne has several other causes as well, such as:
* Diet
* Exercise
* Adverse reactions to products put on the face
* The release of harmful chemicals or toxins in the body
* Stress

Don't be too alarmed, however, as there are treatments for acne and knowing the causes of acne listed above can help you prevent the embarrassing and unsightly condition.

On a more scientific level acne is primarily caused by the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland that comes with it. Lesions and inflammation usually occur in areas where the sebaceous glands manufacture too much oil or may have an accumulation of dirt and grime. Excessive shedding of skin, which sometimes occurs during puberty, may also contribute to acne.

Severe acne can heavily affect the facial tissue and leave marks or scars on the face. Treating the scars left by acne may need surgery or laser treatments to help improve the quality of the skin.

Treatment of Acne

Mild acne can be resolved just by changing the teen-agers lifestyle and diet. Treatment of acne is as easy as just getting better sleep and eating the right foods.

These are primarily fruit and vegetables (ideally organic because they don't contain harmful chemicals such as pesticides or growth hormones). Good hygiene and paying attention to what you are putting on your skin also help in the treatment of acne. Keep in mind, however, that severe cases of acne may require medical treatment.

Are Pimples And Acne The Same Thing?

Yes acne and pimples are basically the same thing, pimples are simply a larger, puss filled form of acne. To treat pimples the puss needs to be released, but don't "pop" them yourself, your hand often carry oil and dirt that will get into the pimple making the problem worse.

Go see a dermatologist as they will prick the pus filled inflammation with a sterilized needle and provide a way out for the pus. This type of treatment of acne is temporary and still needs to have a follow up form of medication for ingestion or application.

Other dermatologists may also prescribe anti-pregnancy pills as a treatment of acne. The hormones that the pills release can effectively balance the hormones that an adolescent experiences during puberty. This is one treatment of acne that effectively addresses the disorder itself instead of just the symptom or manifestation of skin disorder.

Aims of the Treatments

The treatments of acne aim to control and manage the production of excessive sebum, the hormone imbalance and the symptoms of acne. If you address the causes of acne directly, you do not have to experience the scars and other skin disfigurement that sometimes comes with severe acne.

At the initial sign of acne, visit a dermatologist who can assess and properly diagnose you skin condition. The dermatologist may also recommend a treatment of acne to suit your disorder.

Not all treatment of acne works for everybody. Each individual may need different combinations of the treatment of acne or any singular treatment of acne.

Keep in mind that these medical treatments are only intended for sever cases of acne. Every one else needs to take action to get rid of their affliction by eating well, exercising, following good hygiene and paying attention to what they put on their face.

Author: Madison Greene

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